Midlife Transition Counseling

Midlife crisis. Purpose. Career change. Divorce/dating. Empty Nest. LossSelf-care.

Midlife, or middle-age, is a developmental stage of life occurring between ages of 40 and 60. Although midlife is an exciting time for self-discovery and personal growth, it can also stir up challenging and uncomfortable emotions (a.k.a. “midlife crisis”). Few adults experience the stereotypical “midlife crisis”; however,  we often face a new awareness of our mortality, causing us to reflect on how we’ve been living and redefine how we want to move forward in the second half of life. Inherent in any transition is the process of change, which can be difficult, even when necessary and positive. I’m here to help you navigate your midlife transition with clarity, insight, and newfound purpose.

How I Help

My primary goal is for you to feel safe supported and challenged. I specifically help you:

  • Successfully navigate the emotional and physical changes you’re experiencing in the midlife transition
  • Reconnect with and refine your values, beliefs and your most authentic self.
  • Examine your relationships and explore your needs and changing roles.
  • Explore and define your purpose and meaning.
  • Career changes: engaging in work that is meaningful and fulfilling
  • Empty nest and parenting
  • Set goals, identify potential obstacles, and develop action steps to achieve desired outcomes.
  • Design a life you love at midlife

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