Anxiety Treatment

You feel… Stressed-out. Worried. Overanalyzing. Frenzied. Irritable. Ruminating.Panic. 

Anxiety can interfere with your well-being and quality of life. Life in today’s overly-busy and hectic world is stressful. Our brains are inundated daily with messages that we have to be more and do more, leaving us feeling overwhelmed, anxious and “stressed out.” You might feel like you want to jump out of your own skin but don’t know how to find relief. You’re not alone. I’m here to help you harness your emotions and feel better. Change is possible.

How I Help

In our work together, I  provide you with effective, evidence-based therapy and practical tools to manage your anxiety, lower stress, and slow down so that you can enjoy a more peaceful and balanced life.

  • I can specifically help you to:
  • Identify and process the triggers and sources of your anxiety.
  • Learn practical tools to manage anxiety.
  • Practice mindfulness techniques to grow self-awareness and relax, and gain control over thoughts and emotions.
  • Let go of and find replacements for unhelpful thinking and behavior patterns.
  • Identify existing strengths and get empowered to utilize them.
  • Develop strategies to handle problems and difficult emotions as they arise.

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